Anastasiia Danilenko


Anastasiia Danilenko is a Russian artist. While Anastasiia Danilenko obtained a degree in Graphic Design, her artistic area of occupation is painting, with an emphasis on portraiture. While portraiture is typically more traditional, Danilekno’s colourful portraits introduce new life into the genre.   


  • 2015     Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Department of Graphics and Design, Specialising in Graphic Design, Volgograd, Russia


I write images and forms. Colour spots and lines. My characters have their eyes closed. Without looking into a person’s eyes, we are able to see much more,” says the artist.

Anastasiia Danilenko’s portraits are confessional, capturing how she perceives herself, others and the world around her. Anastasia Danilenko is not concerned with merely depicting accurate representations of appearance in her portraits; Rather, she attempts to convey the very essence of the shell that contains the person she is depicting. In waist portraits, the figurative load is carried by gesture and the general position of the body itself. Anastasiia Danilenko always starts with black, painting over the entire surface of the canvas with black paint before imbuing it with her favourite range of greens and pinks. The colours become more saturated on the black base, giving the image a black contour and a rigid structure. Out of this black nothingness, Anastasiia carves alluring images full of her frankness.


Selected Events

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020    “Presentation of the new collection”,Volgograd, Russia
  • 2019      “PAINTINGS PAINTINGS PAINTINGS”, Volgograd, Russia
  • 2019     35×35 art project, Copelouzos Family Art Museum,Athens, Greece


Group Exhibitions 

  • 2022     “METAMODERN SWING” – BIS ART Gallery/ WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art, Russia, Moscow
  • 2022    “Don`t bite me!” – Blue Rhino Art Gallery / Akaretler,Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2022     “ART Shuffle 11.0” – BIS ART Gallery/ WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art,Russia, Moscow
  • 2022     “ART Shuffle 10.0” – BIS ART Gallery/ WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art, Russia, Moscow
  • 2022      Festival of Contemporary Art.- ART FEST SPB, Russia, St. Petersburg
  • 2022     “Who’s Who” – 3rd Floor Gallery,Russia, Moscow
  • 2021      “PURELY PRIMARY” – Van Der Plas,New York, USA
  • 2021     “Color of mood” – Artflood Gallery,Russia, Moscow
  • 2021     “Look who came” – Charitable Foundation “7 Winds”,Russia, Volgograd
  • 2021    “WHAT IS ART?” – Boomer Gallery, London, UK
  • 2021     Great Britain, London. Exhibition.
  • 2020     Volgograd artists, Volgograd, Russia
  • 2018     Pipl Fest, Volgograd, Russia
  • 2017     Pipl Fest, Volgograd, Russia


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