Laleh Memar Ardestani


Laleh Memar Ardestani is an Iranian artist.

Born in 1972 in Tehran, Iran, she has a diploma in technical and vocational high school in the field of visual communication and graphic design, and a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication (University of Art and Architecture), Central Branch, Tehran. Between 1997 and 2004, after immigrating to the United Kingdom, she continued her studies in art by attending short courses in life drawing, illustration, and printing.

Over the past 15 years she lives and works in Tehran and has exhibited her works extensively in her hometown individually and in groups, as well as internationally and privately in her personal studio.She has also been selected and exhibited for the largest contemporary print fair (WCPF) in London, England, as the only Iranian artist in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The main focus of her work, according to the rules of creation, is a modern, contemporary and minimalist style based on spiritual attitude. The human figure and plants are beautiful manifestations of an organic and majestic nature, and are ultimately inspiring. Looking at and paying attention to these objects in various ways has been, and is, an important concern for the artist to be able to cultivate in her mind what she needs to create.



  • 2002      Certificate in Life Drawing, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
  • 2000     HND (Higher National Diploma) in Illustration, Newcastle College, England, UK 
  • 1997      BA in Graphic Designe, Art School, Iran 
  • 1992      Diploma in Graphic Designe, Art School, Iran


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Selected Events

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2019     Etemad Gallery (The Grown) Instalation, Drawing, Painting, Tehran, Iran
  • 2015     Etemad Gallery, Drawing (The Vocalist), Tehran, Iran
  • 2013     Etemad Gallery, Painting & Drawing (Observatory), Tehran, Iran
  • 2011     Chayan Khoie’s Atelier, Drawing, Paris, France
  • 2010     Henna Gallery, Painting & Drawing (Cocoon), Tehran, Iran
  • 2009     Henna Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran
  • 2008     Baqmuze Café Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran
  • 2007     Pasargad Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran
  • 2004     Hashoo Art Gallery, Painting, World Trade Center, Dubai



Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2020     Etemad Gallery (On Paper) Drawing, Tehran, Iran
  • 2019     Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles, Usa
  • 2019     Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Londoon, Uk
  • 2019     Ankara Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey
  • 2018     Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, Uk
  • 2018     Adahan Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2018     Drawing Museum, Tehran, Iran
  • 2017     Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, Uk
  • 2017     Brick Lane Gallery, Drawing (Mantra), London, Uk
  • 2010     Aaran Gallery, Painting & Drawing (Sanctum), Tehran, Iran
  • 2008     Atbin Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran Biennial Of Iranian Contemporary Painting, Saba Museum, Tehran, Th
  • 2008     Participated In The 7 Iran
  • 2007     Participated In Dr Sondozi’s Annual Drawing Contest, Immam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
  • 2003     Seyhoun Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran
  • 2003     Participated In Expo, Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran
  • 2002     Contemporary Art Center, Illustration, Newcastle, England, Uk
  • 2000     Newcastle College, Illustration, Newcastle, England, Uk


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