Mahdieh Abolhasan


Born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran, Abolhasan began painting and sculpturing as a child by attending courses at Kanoon. She is a member of the renowned Iranian artist Farhad Gavzan’s Drawing House. Her works range from sculpture to performance, and she also works on graphic design for several art magazines and art books. Abolhasan’s works primarily incorporates a special paper handmade by the artist herself. Layers of this paper  are interrupted by striking gleams of mirrored glass. Each installation invites the viewer to peer into an isolated space, where they find yet another dimension into the artwork that would have remained unrevealed otherwise. Some layers are made by creation and others by destruction, resulting in a cross of drawing and sculpture.



1980 Born in Tehran, Iran

Present Lives and works in Tehran, Iran


Selected Events

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 Tarahan Azad Gallery

2015 Drawing House

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Museum Hilal Ahmar, Isfahan, Iran

2018 DD Museum, Mazandaran, Iran

2017 Pure Drawing Museum

2017 DD Museum, Mazandaran, Iran

2017 Concurrence1 , Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2017 Pure Drawing, Spatzio Nour Gallery, Milan, Italy


2017 Drawing and Sound, Robero Mansion

2016 Peace on Paper, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2016 Persbook, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2016 Shabtab 2, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 Drawing, Han, Shiraz, Iran

2015 White, Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, Iran

2015 Small Sculptures, Association of Iranian Sculptors, Aran Gallery Project

Space, Tehran, Iran


2015 Small Sculpture, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 Versus, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2015 Breakable, Niyavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2013 Red Target, Hilal Ahmar, Isfahan, Iran

2011 Drawing March, Drawing House, Tehran, Iran

2011 A4 in hands-2 One Day One Experience, Drawing House, Tehran, Iran

2010 Wonders of Creation, Iranian Artist Forum

1999 Barg Gallery, Iran Painters Association, Tehran, Iran



2012 Trash, directed by Farhad Gavzan, Anzali, Iran

2011 Horses behind the Windows, Drawing House, Tehran, Iran

2011 Tree Texture in Drawing, Drawing House, Tehran, Iran

2012 Mirror, Shamsolemare




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