Maryam Jahani


Born in 1986 Tehran

BA of Architechtury

Selected one in Young Art Festival(Drawing)2010

The praised one in Young Art Festival 2010
The praised one in selected new generation 2011
Being an art trainer since 2012
4 solo exhibitions
45 Group exhibitions


Before choosing Architecture as my minor , I knew in my heart that I was meant to be an artist and I thought I owed it to myself to pursue my passion in life with verve and vigor. I love painting. I love creating, watching, contemplating paintings.

Being a female artist in Iran, I have to face numerous challenges which can hamper and disappoint an emerging artist. I have to censure myself in every step of my work: Choosing a subject, researching and planning it, and finally creating it. All the time, I worry about gaining permission to exhibit my works from official channels. Quite often, even finished works are banned from exhibition. The society is alsoextravagantly judgmental. It’s not easy to portray what I really feel without people frowning at my work and even at me as an individual.

Women have been a recurring theme in most of my works. I love to express what I feel about my ownand my fellow women’s femininity.


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