Nasim Malekpour


Born on 27 July 1991 and raised in Esfahan, Iran.

She was the third and last child in an educated family with no background in art. She showed her intrinsic orientation in art since her childhood to her family.

In 2008 at the same time with her graduation from Qods Conservatory (in Graphic arts) she got thecountry’s top ranked editor in layout field in Eleventh Iranian Visual Arts Festival. After that she became heavily involved by painting and making small pottery sculptures.

In 2009 she was accepted in Gilan University and she got her bachelor degree in Visual Arts in 2014, (lived in Rasht for five years). Then she accepted in Tarbiat Modares University in 2015 for master degree in Visual Arts and graduated in 2018 while she was living in her own city Esfahan, and the capital, Tehran. During these years she was continually participating in group exhibition in Tehran, Isfahan, Rasht, Shiraz and has been a member of Isfahan Painters Association since 2011.

She started to work with children since her 18’s by being volunteer in Isfahan and Rasht children’shospital (with children who had cancer and certain diseases) and Isfahan Orphanage (with children who had no parents or had parents without child maintenance qualification and ill-supervised children). She also has the idea of changing new generation attitude to Visual Arts and extend her goal by passing specialized courses in work with children and began to work in schools and kindergartens in Isfahan.

As she accepted for master’s program, she planned to follow her idea by working in art therapy with children .since then she is developing her profession by working with children with special disease like cancer and behavioral and psychiatric disorders in psychology and counseling centers in Isfahan. She already has preserved painting activities in her personal studio and tries to keep her artworks quality and creativity.


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