Saimir Ahmeti


Saimir Ahmeti in an Albanian artist, born in 1973 in Fier city.


  • 1995      Graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, as Art Manger.
  • 1991       Graduated in the Artistic Lycee “Jakov Xoxa” in Fier, specialised in the instruments: Violin and Piano. 


After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Ahmeti went on to working as the Art Manager for “BYLIS” Theatre, in Fier, and still holds the position to this day. He currently manages around ninety performances and shows in this theatre. In 2006, he established “ANTIK” association, and is the selected the chairman of this association. The scope of the organisation includes various activities related to visual and scenic art, cultural heritage, tourism, and many other youth activities as well. Since then, Ahmeti’s profile has risen in eastern europeas he has won numerous managerial and curatorial positions. These include his managerial of the International Artistic Photo Competition “FOKUS”, which he has held from 2007 – 2018; curating the annual “Pogradec International Colony”, in Pogradec, Albania  (2010 – 2018); curating the annual “Apolo Art Colony” International Colony,  in Fier, Albania  (2010 – 2018); curating the 2014 International “Saranda Art Colony”, in Sarandë, Albania; and curating the International “ANTIK Art Colony” in Jalë, Albania ( 2015 – 2017). One of Ahmeti’s most significant achievements is his awarding of  “Best photographer” in the competition “Cmimi i Nentorit”, in Gostivar, Macedonia 201.




Selected Events

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2018      Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2017      Riga, Latvia
  • 2016      National Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
  • 2016      Elbasan, Albania
  • 2015      Gostivar Macedonia
  • 2015      Kavadarci, Macedonia
  • 2015      Negotino, Macedonia
  • 2015      Fier, Albania
  • 2015      Novi Pazar, Serbia
  • 2013      Prishtina, Kosovo

Participations in international activities of visual art 

  • 2019      International Art Symposium and Master Class BRIAS, Istanbul, Turkey 
  • 2014-2018     “Euro Kosova Art” – Art Colony, Harilaq, Kosovo
  • 2015-2018     “Festari” – International Art Colony, Suhareka, Kosovo
  • 2013-2018      Art Colony, Rahovec, Kosovo
  • 2009-2018     International Art Colony, Gostivari, Macedonia
  • 2015-2017      International Art Colony, Kavadarci, Macedonia
  • 2013-2015      “Global Art Contest” – Kosova ART, Prishtina, Kosovo
  • 2013-2014     Plejades of international artists, Prishtina, Kosovo
  • 2014      International Art Syposium, Abana, Turkey
  • 2013      International Art Colony, Zlatograd, Bulgaria
  • 2013      International Art Syposium, Famagusta, Cyprus
  • 2012      International Art Colony, Izmir, Turkey
  • 2012      International Art Colony, Birgi, Turkey
  • 2012      Collective Exhibition related to 100-Independence Day, Ferizaj, Kosovo
  • 2012      International Collective Exhibition in NOVI PAZAR,Serbia
  • 2011      The National Exhibition of Visual Arts “Guri Madhi”
  • 2010-2011     National Art Salon, Macedonia



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