NFT open call!

03 May 2022 - 25 May 2022 Oncyber

Open Call



Revealing the Unseen



We have all heard the saying, ‘there is more than meets the eye.’ With technologies like X-ray, microscopes, and astronomical spectroscopy, we can uncover the organic or artificial structures hidden underneath all kinds of surfaces. The subject of inquiry can be something tangible like the anatomy of a body, the engine of a car, and the geology of rocks. It can also be something as intangible as the composition of music and smell. Apart from our surroundings, the global pandemic has also been a lens for our introspection– a chance for us to dig deep beneath our skins to the roots of our emotions and tap into the invisible realm of dreams, aspirations and wonders.

Beyond their conscious minds, generations of artists have come up with enduring ideas from their unconscious minds which are reservoirs of thoughts, memories, and emotions. Importantly, this exhibition theme encourages artists to consider the different senses that are activated in unseen phantasmagorical spaces of the mind. As a result, this exhibition aims to stretch our capacity in understanding and translating the invisible world with creativity.

The future is digital, and so are its artworks. Blue Rhino’s first exhibition focusing on NFT art calls for talent from all around the world.



Blue Rhino Art Consultancy is an international company devoted to supporting artists from underrepresented areas in the art world. Since its establishment in 2015, Blue Rhino has grown exponentially. We believe that art should be an active process of bringing people together; generating inspiration through knowledge of different cultures, perspectives and ways of life, and creating prolific diversity which is found in the art world at its best.


Calling All NFT Artists:

Blue Rhino Art Consultancy is looking for talented artists specialising in NFT art to join their talent pool. Blue Rhino believes in diversity and inclusivity in the art world, given the portable nature of digital art, accessibility to the art world and market has never been easier. 

 This call is open to emerging, established, and seasoned artists, teams, and collaborators worldwide with artworks in creation, in process or already minted on a blockchain, or ‘lazy’ minted. Artists actively involved in NFTs and digital art are most welcome to apply. 

Artists chosen will be contacted by our team of experts for further information about upcoming exhibitions and showcases where their works will be presented to the public. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to build their fame in the art world and amongst avid digital art collectors. 

The theme of this exhibition will be “Revealing the Unseen”. Artists are encouraged to interpret this theme as unrestrained and innovatively as possible – we want to be surprised. 


Application deadline

25th May 2022

Shortlist Announcement date

15th June 2022

Exhibition dates

1st July – 30th July 2022 



Who can apply

Any artist who has pre-existing minted NFT artworks on the blockchain.

Submission Fee


  • Provide an artist portfolio in PDF format.
  • Artists can submit up to 3 minted NFT artworks.
  • Submission as a group or collective is permitted.
  • Attach a 150 – 200 words artist statement to explain your concept.
  • Attach links to your website, online portfolio, Instagram, Twitter and NFT profile 
  • No more than 2MG and please just in JPEG or MP4.


Artworks selection  

After the deadline of submission, the jury team will review all submitted artworks. A total of 30 artworks will be selected. Selected artists will be contacted via email by the Blue Rhino Team in June and artworks will be exhibited on the Oncyber platform in July. The virtual exhibition will be curated around the theme “Revealing the Unseen” by Blue Rhino’s professional team of curators.

Authenticity check

All submitted files have to be original artworks by the artist.


Submission email address 



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