Blue Rhino Services

Architects & Interior Designers

Whether it be imbuing it with personality, adding a splash of colour, or inspiring a certain occasion or mood. A work of art can uniquely change a space and bring it to life. At Blue Rhino, we work closely with architects, interior designers, and property managers to provide a bespoke service offering a diverse range of original art pieces from our archive of works which will be curated to each individual space.


Our art commissioning services help you transform your vision into a reality. At Blue Rhino, we know that art is personal to everyone, and commissioning a completely unique work of art is an engaging and rewarding process that combines the style and vision of the client, with the technical skills of a talented artist. 

Art Therapy & Workshops

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilises art as a mode of communication and expression. Aiming to help with emotional, behaviour, physical, and mental health issues, our art therapists will guide and encourage you to explore your own thoughts and feelings through the art you create. 

Artist Consultation

With over twenty years of experience in the global art market, we are perfectly positioned and qualified to help you promote, present, and sell your artworks. Using our expertise and professional network, we will work closely with you during our artist consultation sessions.

Renting Artworks

Renting artworks gives you a chance to explore and experiment with your taste, risk free. At Blue Rhino, our team of experts will work towards a flexible financial program that can run on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Rental Art will come fully insured, and will be installed and curated in your space by our team of experts.


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