Blue Rhino Services

Residency and Symposium

  Art residency helps to promote contemporary art in different artistic fields Visual Arts painting, drawing, installation art, sculpture, photography,  new media, ceramics etc within local and international context, to set up an creative exchange of ideas in contemporary art by various of contemporary art practice, artist talks, studio discussion, visit local artist studio, visiting local galleries and musum ... All ...


“Every artist was first an amateur” Ralph Waldo Emerson
A workshop will make your artwork more magnificent than it already is. Motivation is one of the biggest reasons to take a workshop. After immersing yourself in a busy workshop, you will find a desire to work at that concentrated rate. Many artists report an urgency to dive back into their artwork with ...

Artist consultancy

Feel free to talk to us about how we can help you to further your career via our global network, or follow us to keep track of our regular educational projects, including symposiums, workshops and art tours.

As a company

We provide services to a range of companies, hotels, restaurants and private residents, helping you to choose the perfect artworks to transform your environment.

As an art buyer/enthusiast

Whether you are looking for an artwork to add to your collection, or making your first purchase, you can visit our online gallery and shop to browse a sea of artworks from emerging and established artists. We are at your disposal for consultations to find the right artwork for you. We regularly organize exciting solo projects and collaborations. From ...


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