Our art commissioning services help transform your vision into a reality. At Blue Rhino, we know that art is personal to everyone, and commissioning a completely unique work of art is an engaging and rewarding process that combines the style and vision of the client, with the technical skills of a talented artist. 


What is commissioning an artwork?

Would you happen to know what Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper have in common? Yes, these are some of the most famous commissioned artworks! Indeed, they might not have existed had it not been for the imagination, foresight, and considerable resources of their sponsors.

Our art commissioning services help transform your vision of your room into a personal space. While certain pieces might captivate and inspire you, there could be something missing, or not suited to your personal preference or requirement. You might have a space in your room and a vision of what you want to fill it, but just can’t find what you are looking for. This is where our art commissioning service comes in. We will work with you to obtain the exact artwork you need. Commissioning art is more than a transaction – it is a rewarding and engaging process and will leave you with something completely unique.

Commissioning art used to be the preserve of the rich and elite, yet this is no longer the case. A number of artists accept commissions today within a range of prices. Whether you are looking for that one statement piece for your wall, a custom series of paintings or for something special to commemorate an occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary, in terms of availability and affordability there is never a better time to commission art.


Is commissioning a creative process?

Commissioning an artwork is not as simple as providing a set of instructions — it is a creative process which highlights the importance of collaboration. The final product is a fusion of your own vision and the style, knowledge, and technical skills of the artist.

The first step of this creative process is to decide on the visual aspects that you want for your piece of art. After choosing your artist based on their portfolio of works, you should have a good idea of their style and areas of strength. We will work closely with the artist so that, at minimum, they understand some key requirements of the commission, such as the detailed subject matter, style, or medium of choice.

To suit any budget, we have a multitude of options ranging from emerging to established artists. If you don’t know what you’re after, simply browsing our archive can be a great way to be inspired or to locate your preferred style.

We have a special approach to the commissioning process, which consists of:

  • Understanding the client’s vision 
  • Contextualizing the art research
  • Identifying the space for the artwork
  • Developing the strategy
  • Collaborating with a chosen artist 
  • Artwork management, installation, presentation and framing

You might be surprised by what you discover.Whether or not you already have an idea for a commission, contact us to book an online consultation today at, or give us a call on +447388061078. Let’s start!



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