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Art has the ability to transform a space. Whether it be imbuing it with personality, adding a splash of colour, or inspiring a certain occasion or mood. A work of art can uniquely change a space and bring it to life. At Blue Rhino, we work closely with architects, interior designers, and property managers to provide a bespoke service offering a diverse range of original art pieces from our archive of works which will be curated to each individual space.




We have 20 years’ worth of experience in sourcing artworks to meet our client’s varied needs. Whether it’s an office, hotel, restaurant, bar, or domestic space, our consultants are here to recommend and supply you with a carefully curated selection of artworks to suit both long- and short-term needs. Whether you are looking for a large statement painting, an installation piece, or a uniquely commissioned work of art, we are here to provide you with exactly what you need. 



Services we offer to clients who are architects and interior designers:


Project/ Artwork  Samples

Whether you have a clear concept in mind or are simply looking for guidance and inspiration, our experienced consultancy team will work with you on every single step of the project to ensure the outcome is consistent with your vision.


Drop us an email to book a free online consultation today at or give us a call on +447388061078.  Let’s get started!



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