Renting Artworks

Renting artworks gives you a chance to explore and experiment with your taste, risk free. At Blue Rhino, our team of experts will work towards a flexible financial program that can run on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Rental Art will come fully insured, and will be installed and curated in your space by our team of experts.


Art rental is the perfect option if you have a temporary art requirement or do not want to purchase your art. From art lovers and interior designers to tech start-ups and established law firms, we work with clients from both the private and public sectors to help  transform offices, public spaces, and mixed-use developments into inspiring environments for those living and working in them. Renting from Blue Rhino Art Consultancy lets you live with a painting or sculpture before making the commitment to purchase it. Rentals can last anywhere from a week to several years. 



Art can transform a space by adding a unique flair, character or mood. Renting artworks is the economical option for experimentation. Working with our team of curators, our clients regularly rotate their rental collections with new art, keeping their homes, workplaces and hotels fresh, vibrant, and dynamic. It goes without saying that a happy workplace results in higher productivity, and adding a collection of contemporary artworks will deliver a range of transformational benefits. 


Our ethos at Blue Rhino is to support the careers of artists globally, and every artwork rented by you generates regular income for our artists, enabling them to create more work. Blue Rhino provides services to a range of companies, hotels, restaurants, and private residents, helping you to choose the perfect artworks to transform your environment.


Whether you have lots of ideas or are in the early stages of preparation, we look forward to working with you and providing you with a smoother rental process. Please contact us to book an online consultation.     +447388061078



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