Isil Ezgi Celik

Art Consultant & Curator

Isil is an academic, art consultant and art curator. She conducts interdisciplinary and multicultural research on the transformation of human creativity in connection with technology. Isil is passionate about art brut and digital art which she considers to be at opposite ends of the evolution of human creation. Isil values the political nature of artistic activity as an ability to offer new perspectives and create new worlds. She considers contemporary forms of art as languages to tell elaborate narratives that push perceptions on social phenomena. Isil’s curatorial work is led by philosophy and seeks to unfold the multiple faces of the Other as the locus of political resistance in an age of techno-capitalism.


Isil obtained a PhD degree on the subject of international cooperation through art from Nagoya University in Japan. She has been working in the art industry in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East. Since 2021, Isil has been based in London. 



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