Alireza Yazdani Majd


Alireza Yazdani Majd is an Iranian photographer.

Alireza Yazdani Majd (b.1992 in Tehran, Iran) is a digital creator and photographer interested in photomontage, he began in 2018 and continues apace today.

His artworks have novelty to express new concepts and ideas because he likes to go beyond the cameras record and depict.


Selected Events


He has won 13 international photography awards: 

  • 2020     6th 35AWARDS Top 150 Conceptual Photo Photographer (Top 50 Conceptual Photo Nomination)
  • 2020     35AWARDS Body Modification – Best Body Modification Photographer and Best of  Modification Contest 
  • 2020     35AWARDS Light Painting 
  • 2020     35AWARDS Quarantine COVID-19
  • 2019     5th 35AWARDS Catalogue Selected (Top 35 Conceptual Photographers)
  • 2019     35AWARDS Black and White Woman Portrait
  • 2019     35AWARDS Male Black and White Portrait 
  • 2019     35AWARDS Fashion in the Street
  • 2019     35AWARDS Art Photography
  • 2019     35AWARDS Landscape with the Moon
  • 2018     35AWARDS 4th International Photography Award


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