At Blue Rhino Art Consultancy, collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We believe that art should be an active process of bringing people together; generating inspiration through knowledge of different cultures, perspectives and ways of life, and creating prolific diversity which is found in the art world at its best.


The practice of collecting art is rapidly and globally increasing. Since the first online art sales took place nearly 20 years ago, the internet and online sales continue to have a transformative effect on the industry, democratizing what was once a niche for a wealthy elite and making artworks from every corner of the world accessible. While COVID-19 has has strictly limited physical access to art fairs, exhibitions and collections, we have at least retained this virtual window on the art world.


With an increase in art collectors online comes increasing demand for experts to can assist with the process of aquisition, buying and investment. We, Blue Rhino Art Consultancy, are an indispensable tool for any buyer who is serious about securing a remarkable collection of artworks that will enrich a space in the present and prove to be a valuable investment well into the future.


Blue Rhino was founded by Tima Jam in 2016 in Istanbul, following a 20-year career as a gallerist, art director and curator, with the aim of representing both emerging and established artists in the Middle East. With over 2,000 international artists now in our archive, we provide a global service – bringing you a remarkably deep and diverse collection of contemporary art. Our continuing devotion to discovery and an eye for spotting and supporting the newest, raw talent, defines Blue Rhino as the business it is today.

From our home in Istanbul, Blue Rhino has been fortunate to work with some of the foremost and hitherto under-represented talent in Turkey, Iran and the wider Middle East. Through exhibitions and symposiums in Turkey and across Europe it has been our privilege to showcase the achivements of these emerging, established, and master artists to new audiences. We are uniquely positioned to help you too explore this rich and largely untapped market. 



    Our services at Blue Rhino Art Consultancy allow you to source, buy, and even rent artwork for commercial projects. We respond to briefs – specific or not – to provide artworks that have been carefully selected in order to meet the project requirements. By sourcing artworks from our archive of over 2,000 artists and using our network of dealers and galleries, we offer seamless handling of the entire process, from conception to framing, curation, installation, and shipping.


    We are here to help you conceive and commission the perfect artwork for your requirements. We work closely with customer and artist throughout the commissioning process to ensure ideas are accurately communicated and the development of artworks according to your vision and requirements. For larger projects, we are here to help you navigate the creative, budgetary and logistical challenges that come commissioning.


    We are here to help you conceive, plan and deliver art exhibitions and other events, providing expert guidance from concept to execution and access to our extensive database of artworks and artists. With experience running large-scale events internationally, we can offer total programme management for the duration of your project, including practical aspects such as media planing and comunications, venue hire, set up and take-down.


    Blue Rhino offers an advisory service for private collectors and interior businesses to select and provide artworks for a range of spaces. We provide services as art advisors, which range from simply educating new collectors and suggesting artworks based on their preferred interests, to providing access to artworks which are difficult to find. Fundamentally, we use our 20 years of expertise to help a client make better, more informed purchases that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

At Blue Rhino, we offer a wide range of bespoke and impartial services as well as providing global artist support and representation. Our regular studio and cultural tours can give you the unique opportunity to meet both emerging and established artists. Through this, you can learn more about global art and culture, collaborations, upcoming events, and networking opportunities. We also offer an advisory service to help private collectors build a meaningful collection of contemporary art, both in quality and investment.



  • Authenticity and Hertiage
    At Blue Rhino, we pride ourselves in our unique database of Middle Eastern artists. Despite being home to some of the most aesthetically distinct and instantly recognisable artworks and art styles, homegrown Middle Eastern artists have historically struggled to gain access to global markets and attention from buyers and exhibitors. Blue Rhino Art Consultancy was conceived and founded in Turkey by Iranian national Tima Jam, with the objective of providing this homegrown talent with the sense of belonging and inclusion in the art world that it deserved. Now a global consultancy, we strongly believe in maintaining our cultural roots and this mission; continuing to promote under-represented Middle Eastern artists in the global art market. Finally and in the context of commissions, we have the cultural and linguistic understanding to seamlessly communicate client requirements to our artists in the Middle East and facilitate an ongoing dialogue between customer and artist, as required.   


  • Competitive Pricing
    We offer works from a multitude of international artists, across all mediums. By working directly with our artists over the sales of individual works, or potentially the dispersal of an entire collection, we are able to provide highly competitive prices.


  • Impartiality and Independence
    As we are not dealers, auctioneers, or galleries, we can offer you a truly unbiased and independent service. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients by interpreting your needs and offering unique, discrete and impartial advice to support your project or requirement. 


  • Customer Satisfaction
     From our wide range of bespoke services, we aim to assist you in meeting your specific project requirements, whatever they may be. Our  customer satisfaction guarantee allows you to purchase with trust and confidence.


  • Supporting Emerging Artists
    At Blue Rhino, working with and supporting emerging artists is pivotal; with a large and dedicated network across the Middle East we constantly strive to unearth and nurture the most promising new talent – as we see it the vanguard of the future art world. 

“The power of art is not to be underestimated. It has the ability to evoke emotions and say so much without even making a sound. At Blue Rhino we work to pair together high quality art from all around the globe with dedicated
collectors and those looking for a one-of-a-kind feature piece for their home.”

At Blue Rhino Art Consultancy, our vision is to achieve more inclusivity in the art world. Whether it be through collaborative projects, art workshops, or global networking, we are passionate about discovering talented artists who define what it means to create. Art has the ability to reign over a space with its unique and powerful presence. Art brings people with contrasting ideas, cultures, and lifestyles together, and enriches the lives of anyone who experiences it.

The last few years have seen Blue Rhino grow exponentially. Beginning with only a small portfolio, we have evolved to now over 2,000 artists in our archive and over forty successful exhibitions. We have worked with and exhibited artists in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and with 200 galleries, foundations, charities, organisations, art magazines, and online platforms in our archive, our fundamental aim is to showcase both established and emerging global talent.

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We strongly believe that art should be inclusive. No matter where you are in the world, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of creating, viewing, and collecting great art. We recognise that art brings people together, and we will work to assist, teach, learn, and grow alongside you every step of the way.

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