Anahita Ghazanfari



● Bachelor of Art in Painting, Culture & Art University, Iran, 2003.

● Master of Art in Illustration, Art University, Iran, 2008.


Kelly says in “The orchard”
“Bright shapes in the dark garden, The gardenless stretch of old yard, sweetened now by the half-light as if by burning flowers. OverTune. First gesture. The gesture, the window frame composing the space, so it seems as if time has stopped, as if this dark, this winter grass, plated with frost, these unseen silent birds might stay forever.

All our murals, pictures of gardens and presiding deities, things painted on plaster to keep the dying company, a toppled jar, a narrow bird, an ornamental tree with no name…might stay forever.
As if I wanted to stop the time and leave the garden as it is and don’t let it die. The garden “ as it is a symbol of paradise in persian rugs concept design” I wanted the paradise to stay forever in silent. I want to live in paradise. I keep my paradise alive.

Selected Events

Exhibitions and Awards

●”Untitled 3” Group exhibition, The house of young photographer gallery, Tehran, Iran, December 2017 ●”7.3 Richter” Charity exhibition, The White line gallery, Tehran, Iran, December 2017
●”Peace Time” Group exhibition, Satura Art Gallery, Genova, Italy, December 2017
●”Unfinished Lines II”, Group exhibition, The national art museum of Tirana, Albania, November 2017 ●”In Between Leaves”, two person exhibition, Artemis Art Gallery, Kl, Malaysia, October 2017 ●”Open Studio” Exhibition, GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany, September 2017

●”People of Seremban” showcase window, GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany, August 2017
●”Story of Rooms” showcase window, GlogauAir, Berlin, Germany, August 2017
●”Calligraphy and illumination by Iranian Artist” Exhibition, White Box Gallery, Map Kl, Malaysia, June 2017 ●”​Journey” Exhibition, Seri Pacific Hotel, KL, Malaysia, June 2017
●”Rediscover KL” Installation Exhibition, The Row, Kl, Malaysia, May 2017
●”​Collective | Individuals” Exhibition, ​Urbanscapes House, KL, Malaysia, May 2017
●​“MEADOWS PERSONAL STRUCTURES” Exhibition, PALAZZO MORA, Venice, Italy, May 2017 ●”​XS”Group Exhibition, Titikmareh Gallery, KL, Malaysia, March 2017
●”​Lock Up locker” Group exhibition, Harry Rogers Home, Jaya One, KL, Malaysia, March 2017
● “Langkawi Art Biennale 2016” Langkawi, Malaysia, November 2016
● “IMMORTAL?” Installation International Group exhibition, L’atelier Rouge Gallery, KL, Malaysia, October 2016 ●“Quatre Femmes” Group Exhibition, L’atelier Rouge Gallery, Kl, Malaysia, September 2016.
● ”Exploration”AND”Expression”,Residency exhibition, Port Commune, KL, Malaysia,May 2016.
● ”The story of Rooms” Solo Exhibition, Atelier Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia, February 2016.
● Daydreaming Group Show, Ella Art Space, KL, Malaysia, February 2016.
● Art Connexion International, Matic Gallery, KL, Malaysia, June, 2015.
● International Exhibition of Iranian Artist in SouthEast Asia and Pacific, Matic Gallery, KL, Malaysia, June 2015
● Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Melaka Art Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia, July 2014.
● Iranian Artist Painting Exhibition, Cube Gallery, KL, Malaysia, November 2014.
● International Women’s Day Exhibition, Art Malaysia Viva Gallery, KL, Malaysia, March 2013.
● SEPULAH DAH Iranian Artist Exhibition, Artseni gallery, KL, Malaysia, June 2012.
● Malaysia Iran Art Exhibition MAIRA, Gallery Aswara, KL, Malaysia, April 2012.
● Chosen in first Monorail Photo Festival, Malaysia, 2010.
● Autumn solo photo exhibition, Ferdos Gallery, Iran, 2006.
● First position in Abyaneh group photo exhibition/competition, Elm​ O​ Farhang University, Iran, 2002.
● First position in Dialogue of Civilisations group photo exhibition/competition, Elm ​O Farhang University, Iran, 2001. ● Ahvaz solo photo exhibition, Iran, 2000.
● Participation in group painting exhibition in Nivaran Art Gallery, Iran, 2001.

Work and Artist participation

● Artist in Residence, Glogauair Residency, Berlin, Germany, July 2017
● Documentary Photographer At Langkawi Art Biennale 2016, Langkawi, Malaysia, November 2016
● Balik balik Art Bazar, National Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia, April 2016.
● Artist in Residence, Sembilan Art residency, Seremban, Malaysia, November 2015.
● Documentary Photographer At Langkawi Art Biennale 2014, Langkawi, Malaysia, October 2014
● Full time Photographer, Centre for Content Creation, Limkokwing University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia 2012-2014 ● Freelance Photographer and Writer, Monorail Magazine, Iranian Lifestyle Magazine, KL, Malaysia, 2010-2011

Media Interview

●”​Lock Up locker” Interview- BFM Radio “ The Bigger Picture”, KL, Malaysia, March 2017 ● IMMORTAL? Interview – Nanyang Press Newspaper, KL, Malaysia. October 2016
● IMMORTAL? Interview – SinChew Press Newspapers, KL, Malaysia. October 2016
● IMMORTAL? Interview – BFM Radio “The Bigger Picture” KL, Malaysia. October 2016 ● Quatre Femmes Interview – SinChew Press Newspapers, KL, Malaysia. September 2016

● Exploration X Expression Interview – BFM Radio “The Bigger Picture” KL, Malaysia. May 2016 ● The Story Of Rooms Interview, ENanyang Website, KL, Malaysia, April 2016
● Changing the Landscape, Marie Claire Magazine, KL, Malaysia, January 2016


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