Azin Rostami


1986. Tehran. Iran

B.A in Graphic, Tehran Art University

M.A in Painting, Tehran Art University

Artist’s Statement

In my recent painting collection, I have been looking for a value-oriented attitude vs. an instrument- oriented attitude towards women. This collection intends to remind them of a hidden layer of individualityand that a woman’s value goes beyond her body, and in different societies, regardless of mental andintellectual capacity of those who can step toward development and sublimity of the society, the use and sexual objectification of them are more dominant.

That her internal beauty should be seen, not merely her appearance, and she should have dignity, identity, and compassion. Because her sexual identity has been controversial since long ago, and women are viewed for being a woman, and their intellectual and emotional systems are ignored

Until a human, whether woman or man, is no longer viewed as an object, humanity is lost.

Selected Events

Solo Exhibitions:
2019, Solo Painting Exhibition, “The Secret Layers” , Vista Art Gallery , Tehran
2017, Solo Painting Exhibition, “Dark Evolution” , Vista Art Gallery, Tehran
2015, Solo Painting Exhibition, “ My Essence”, Vista Art Gallery, Tehran
2010, Solo Photography Exhibition, “The Blues Dance in Water”, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
2018, Sixth International Art Peace Festival, Mellat Gallery, Tehran
2018, Painting Exhibition, Vista Art Gallery, Tehran
2018, Painting Exhibition, Ghasr Museum Garden, Tehran
2017, Painting Exhibition, Satura Art Gallery, Italy
2017, Fifth International Art Peace Festival, Iranian Artists Forum , Tehran

2017, Painting Exhibition, “In Memory of Arabali Sherveh” Iranian Artists Forum , Tehran 2017, Painting Exhibition, Han Art Gallery, Shiraz
2016, Group Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, Vista Art Gallery, Tehran
2015, Third International Art Peace Festival, Niavaran Cultural Center, Trhran

2015, Painting Exhibition, Saba Cultural House, Tehran
2015, Painting Exhibition, Ace Art Gallery, Tehran
2014, 2013 , Painting Exhibition, Aria Art Gallery, Tehran
2011, Illustration Group Exhibition, Lale Art Gallery, Tehran

2008, Drawing Group Exhibition, Imam Ali Art Museum, TehranPrize


Selected of Celebration Arabali Sherveh Festival, Saba Cultural Center, 2015 Book Illustration:
“Love Songs” Daneshnegar Publication House , 2015
“Fereydouns Servant” Khane-Adabiat Publication House , 2013

“Niloufars Land “Khane-Adabiat Publication House , 2013




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