Barış Cihanoğlu


Barış Cihanoğlu graduated from Painting Department, University of Hacettepe in 1999.  The artist continues to work at his atelier in Istanbul. He focuses on making the viewer re-look a picture, by shocking the looks and deliberately making the picture odd and unfamiliar.

Selected Events



1994   Projects Arts Public Exhibition organized by Gazi University based  on the theme  “ Portraits”

1995   Projects Exhibition organized at based  on the “Transcendence in Creation”.

1996   Interdisciplinary Painting Arts Gallery Show organized by Rotary Club for Homeless Children .

1997   Painting Arts Conpetittion and Post Exhibition of Award Winning Artworks Organized by Adana Cement Indutries  Co.

1998   Live Performance at Spring Art Festival  Series organized by Hacettepe Universty.

1999   Mixed Painting Art Exhibition at Painting Art Faculty, Hacettepe Universty

1999   Graduating Painters “ Art Exhibition, organized by Hacettepe Universty  Best Performer Award

2001   Mixed Painting Art Gallery and  Public  Exhibition, organized by Mozaik Arts.

2003   Personal Paintings Exhibition , organized  by İzlenim Arts

2004   Painting Performance  Competition Series No. 6, sponsored and organized by Turkish Jokeys” Club Best artisitic  performance artist 2.award

2005   Painting Arts Exhibition organized in memory  of Mr. Sefik Bursalı, Assembly, Qualified Artist

2005   Official Painters “ Competition organized by Turkish Grand National Assembly , Qualified Artist 

2005   Painting Performance Competition organized by İnönü Universty , Malatya, Qualified Artist 

2005   Polish Cartoon Comics Competition, Qualified Artist, Poland

2005   Tisva Gameen Arts Biennial, Qualified Artist 

2005   Şekerbank’s Small Canvas Mixed Painting Arts Exhibition

2006   ‘’Finalist Award at Best Young Performer of Painting  Arts Competition  05’’ an annual event organized by Rh+ Arts Magazine

2006   Helicon Arts Gallery, Mixed Painting Artworks Exhibition

2006   Painting  Arts Competition  organized by Ümraniye District Municipal Authority , Qualified Artist 

2006   Art Show 2006-Personal Painting Works Exhibition, organized by Tevfik İhtiyar  Art Gallery

2006   Painting Arts Competition organized by Çukurova Universty , Best Artistic Performance Award,

2006   Mixed Painting Works Exhibition Tevfik İhtiyar Art Gallery , İstanbul

2006   Painting Arts Competition by Sütçü İmam Universty  of Kahramanmaraş, second Best Artistic Performance Award,

2006   Şekerbank’s Mixed Painting Artwork Exhibition named “ Araf’ta 1” Ankara

2006   Art Show in Art Expo İstanbul, organized by Tuyap (Live performance) İstanbul

2006   Painting Performance Competition, sponsored and organized by ‘’Turkish Jokeys Club’’

2006   Mr. Nuri İyem Painting Artwork Exhibition, Best Performer Award

2006   Art  Academy ‘s Painting Competition, Best Performer Award

2006   Ankara  Art  Forum Art Expo  Painting  Competition, Outstanding  Performance  Award

2006   TEB Painting Competition  Qualified Artist  Artist with remarkable work

2006   Turkish Grand National Assembly “Painting Turkey” Project Exhibition , İstanbul

2007   Beyaz Art Gallery’s Mixed Painting  Artwork Exhibition named  “Araf’ta 2.” Ankara

2007   Live performance in Art Bosporus Art Expo & Exhibition held at Feshane, İstanbul

2007   “ Terminal Bus Station in Paintings” Project of Turkish Ministry of Culture

2007   Painting Arts Show at Terakki Charity Organization’s Art Gallery, in  İstanbul

2007   Personal Paintings Exhibition in Nazım Hikmet  Art Foundation ‘s Art gallery 2007, İstanbul  

2007   Summart Art Festival –Kishinev, Moldova

2007   7th Painting Arts Exhibition organized in memory of Mr. Şefik Bursalı, Qualified Artist

2007   Tüyap Fair of Arts – Beyaz Art Gallery , Istanbul

2008   ‘’ Antre’’ I. S. O. Odakule Arts Gallery ( Personal exhibition ) İstanbul

2008   Where does this ship lead ?    Concept project  and exhibition, İstanbul

2008 Municipality of Ümraniye Painting Exhibition, İstanbul

2008 Ankara Beyaz Art Gallery Personal Exhibition ( Mark of Heart ) Ankara

2008 Ankara Institution of Advocates, Exhibition,  Ankara

2008 Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery Summart Project painting exhibition , Ankara

2008 Art Bosphorus İstanbul Fair of Arts, Beyaz Arts Gallery. İstanbul.

2008  Art Shop Time 2 project,exhibition Eskonsept. İstanbul

2008  Project Exhibition with the concept “Views of people from my country”. Nazım Hikmet Foundation Gallery. İstanbul

2008  5th International art campüs symposiom and exhibition Karlık Evi. Cappadocia.

2008  3rd Nuri İyem Art Contest Juror’s special prize. Evin Arts Gallery. İstanbul

2008  Tüyap Fair of Arts, Beyaz Arts Gallery, İstanbul.

2008  Art Forum Fair of Arts, Beyaz Arts gallery, Ankara.

2008  Sanko Arts Gallery, Young Concept, exhibition of mixed paintings, Gaziantep.

2008  69.Government’s Paintings,Sculpting contest, Exhibition

2009  Piramit Art Gallery , personal exhibition, ( Kült ) ,istanbul.

2009  Zeitgeist project exhibition ,Berlin Germany.

2009  Ankara Beyaz Art Gallery , Personal exhibition  ( Cihanoğlu Barış ).Ankara.

2009 World Art Foundation Art fair, California U.SA

2009 Contemporary İstanbul , Art fair , personal exhibition, İstanbul

2010 İş art gallery, personal exhibition, ( uncanny moods ) .İzmir

2011 İlayda art gallery, personal exhibition, ( İmagination ) , İstanbul

2011 Krampf Gallery new york, Art Basel scope Art Fair,  Switzerland

2011 Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair, personal exhibition , ( Bounday Vialotion ), Gallery ilayda

2011  ‘’ Magic Moods’’  Cep Art Gallery, The Marmara Pera, istanbul

2012  ‘’Feromone Effect’’,  solo exhibition, Gallery İlayda, İstanbul

2012  ‘’Perception Gates’’ Cep Art Gallery, İstanbul

2013  Art Bosphorus Art Fair, Ren Art Gallery, İstanbul

2013 ‘’  Law of Atraction’’  exhibition Krampf Gallery,  İstanbul.

2013 ‘’ Find Yourself’’  solo exihibition, Gallery İlayda, İstanbul.

2013 ‘’Contemporary İstanbul ‘’ , Gallery İlayda, İstanbul

2014 Platform A art gallery, ‘’Mixed’’ group exhibition,  Ankara

2014 ‘’Orange flower art colony’’   symposium, Sapanca

2014 ‘’Contactless’’  group exhibition Gallery İlayda,  İstanbul

2014 ‘’ Atmosphere art projects’’ Narköy symposium, Kocaeli

2014 Art Suits art gallery, Yalıkavak symposium,  Bodrum

2014  ‘’ Ash ’’ solo exhibition, Gallery İlayda,  İstanbul

2014 ‘’Contemporary İstanbul ‘’ art fair, Gallery İlayda, İstanbul

2015. ”Wearable art” Summart art center, İstanbul

2015  ‘’Art Suit’’ Art Gallery, Yalıkavak art sempozium, Bodrum

2015 ”Contactless vol 5” group exhibition, Gallery ilayda, İstanbul

2016  ” Dream” group exhibition, Hub Art Gallery, İstanbul

2016  ”Meeting 2”  group exhibiton, Görsav, İstanbul

2016  ”Pluralist searches” Group exhibition, Vis art, İstanbul

2016  ” Design – formation” Solo exhibition, Vis art, İstanbul

2016 ” Summer Collective ” Group exhibition, Gallery İlayda, İstanbul

2017  ‘’Contemporary İstanbul’’ art fair, Red art gallery, İstanbul

2017 ‘’Common field’’ solo exhibition, gallery İlayda, İstanbul

2017  ‘’Oil On canvas’’ group exhibition, L’appart Pr, İstanbul

2017  ‘’Yalı kavak’’ art semposium, Art süit gallery, Bodrum

2017  ‘’Art basel scope’’ Art fair, Gallery Bin yıl, Switzerland

2017 ‘’Identy’’ Group exhibition, Endless Art, İstanbul

2017 ‘’Art Miami scope’’ art fair, Gallery bin yıl, Miami USA

2018  ‘’Soulful matter’’ solo exhibition, Ddesign gallery, İstanbul

2018 ‘’Duality’’ Group exhibition, Ddesign gallery, İstanbul

2018 ‘’Art Basel Scope’’  art fair, Galeri binyıl, Switzerland


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