Bjørnar Aaslund


Bjørnar Aaslund is a Norwegian artist, born in 1960.


  • 2003-2005     Einar Granum school of fine arts. Oslo, Norway

Aaslund was born in the little town of Gjøvik, located on the banks of Norway’s largest lake Mjøsa. As a child he was fascinated by the change of seasons, and especially by the mirroring of the nature in the forest ponds. Later in life when he started to paint and draw, he always tried to capture the power of the rural landscape.

Bjørnar Aaslund is an abstract painter who likes to define his work as memories of non-existent landscapes. Bjørnar Aaslund likens the process of beginning a painting to stepping into the white surface of untouched snow. Through the destruction of the subject where composition and perspectives are broken down into rhythms, surfaces and brush strokes, Aaslund focuses on the intuitive reading of nature and his own surroundings.
By using repetitions, different directions in brush strokes as well as different depth effects, he creates abstract landscapes that alternate between something recognizable and at the same time completely unknown. Always working from memory, Aaslund combines what he has seen with subjective experiences and moods, approaching different landscapes in an abstract language, with layer upon layer of color, some transparent, others opaque, forming the substance of the paintings.


Artist Statement

To me it is fascinating to see how far I can go with breaking up the element of nature, rearrange the organic forms, and reconstruct a landscape from memory with the use of color. The landscape possesses noise and silence, strength and melancholy. There lives a great light in it, and a great darkness.

To start a painting is like stepping into the white surface of untouched snow. To paint is to leave colored traces within a limited area. The marks and tracks expand the pictorial space and lift the surface. The canvas becomes an arena where time and space are erased and float into each other. The marks then become part of the history, and time evolves as a new dimension. My encounter with landscape and nature give rise to all my paintings. These encounters are processed and transformed, to then be reproduced as an abstract form of reality. That is why I like to say that my paintings are memories from non-existent landscapes. I want to create an emotional space, not reproduce reality.
I use color to build space, not classical perspective lines. Layer upon layer of color, some transparent, others opaque, forms the substance of the paintings and carries the history you sense but cannot see. Maybe you will be able to see movement relative to standstill, the troubled relative to the quiet, distance relative to closeness, and that some of this will evoke memories of your own experiences from hidden and forgotten landscapes.

Selected Events

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • 2021     Screaming Gander, Fitzrovia Gallery,London. GB
  • 2021     Peder Balke Senteret, Kapp Norway


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020     FUGE, Kauffeldtgården, Gjøvik. Norway
  • 2019     Hole Artcenter, Galleri Klevjer ( Juell og Aaslund ) Norway
  • 2019     Norsk Skogmuseum, Elverum ( Juell og Aaslund ) The Norwegian Forest Museum. Norway
  • 2017     Hole Artcenter, Hole Norway
  • 2016     Horten og Borre kunstforening, Kihlegalleriet, Horten, Norway
  • 2015     Hamar kunstforening, Hamar, Norway
  • 2015     Gjøvik kunstforening, Kaufeldtgården, Gjøvik, Norway
  • 2014     Hov og Land kunstforening, Galleri Grette, Hov, Norway
  • 2013     Toten kunstforening, Raufoss Gård , Norway
  • 2011     Galleri Odonata, Fornebu, Bærum, Norway
  • 2011     Galleri Labro, Kongsberg, Norway
  • 2010     Galleri Svae, Gjøvik, Norway


Group Exhibitions

  • 2018     Toten kunstforening, Norway
  • 2017     Hole Artcenter, Hole, Norway
  • 2017     Nordstarnd Lions kunstutstilling, Norway
  • 2016     Oslofjorden kunstsenter, Drøbak, Norway
  • 2016     Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Imago Mundi, Norway
  • 2015     Hole Artcenter, Norway
  • 2015     Galleri Henrik Gerner, Moss, Norway
  • 2014     Galleri Labro, Kongsberg, Norway
  • 2010     Galleri Svae, Gjøvik, Norway
  • 2005     Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo , Norway


Art Fairs

  • 2019     The Other Art Fair, Saatchi Art, London, GB 2017 Art Miami. ( The Art Box Project ) ,USA



  • 2018     Curator for Toten Kunstforening. Norway


Public Comissions

  • 2020     Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas, US
  • 2020     Hilton Alpharetta, Atlanta, US
  • 2019     Embassy Suites, Knoxville, Tennessee, US
  • 2019     Merrywood on the Park, Charlotte, North Carolina, US
  • 2018     Town Royal Palm, Florida, US
  • 2018     Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks, Maine, US
  • 2016     Fertilitetsklinikken i Oslo, Norway ( hospital )
  • 2015     Brødrene Jacobsens vinbar, Hamar, N ( restaurant )
  • 2015     Stortorget Gjestgiveri, Hamar, Norway ( restaurant )
  • 2015     Finnstadtunet alders og sykehjem, Ski.( hospital )
  • 2014     Toten Hotell, Bøverbru, Norway
  • 2013     Hotel Villa Feniks, Pula, Kroatia


Publications,Costume Drawing and Illustration

  • 2017     Cold Current, Contemporary artists from Norway. Bok, Imago Mundi. Fabricia press.
  • 2014     Nasjonalballetten / DNO, The Norwegian National Ballet, Journey on a dreamy sea, cavalcade div. Ballets. Tribute to choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 2012     Oslo Ballet Academy, Poem of the atoms, graduation performance, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 2006     The Open Theater in Oslo, Wings, the cultural schoolbag, choreographer Kirsti Ulvestad.
  • 2005      Collaboration with choreographer Kjersti Ulvestad and Sirkus Khaoom for Harald Schwartz and Ari Behn. Feeling on the shore festival, Hankø.
  • 2005     The National Library in Oslo, New opening of the library at Solli Plass, with b.l.a. actor Marit Jacobsen and dancers from the National Ballet. Choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 2005     Visions / Eye on dance. Kjersti Alveberg. Published by Press. Illustration / costume drawing.
  • 2005     Kulturkirken Jacob in Oslo, Hedda Gabler, choreographer Kirsti Ulvestad and Sirkus Khaoom.
  • 2003     Det Norske Teater, Oslo, Nett no, ballet, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 2002     Det Norske Teater, Oslo, 3 and two together, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 2002     Main stage NRK, Zap Zombie, ballet, Oslo Dance Ensemble, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg. (TV)
  • 2002     Hennie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvik. HOK, live performance with soprano Anne Lise Berntsen and photographer Knut Bry.
  • 2001     The National Theater in Oslo, Petra von Kant by Fassbinder, photo Guri Dahl.
  • 2001     The National Ballet / DNO, Journey on a dreamy sea, ballet made on the basis of the Norwegian painter Terje Ythjall’s paintings.
  • 2001     The main stage NRK, Journey on a dreamy sea, ballet. Choreography Kjersti Alveberg. (TV)
  • 2000     The Ultima Festival in Oslo, Kulturkirken Jacob, ballet, in collaboration with choreographers Anne Grethe Eriksen and Leif Hernes.
  • 2000     DD/Dansdesign,book, illustration and costume drawing.
  • 1998   Nasjonalballetten / DNO, The Norwegian National Ballet, Babel Barn, ballet, in collaboration with architect Magne Magler Wiggen, photographer Knut Bry and choreographer Kjersti Alveberg.
  • 1998     Oslo Concert Hall, performance with dancers and artists for the British designer Kaffe Fassett. Directed by Guri Dahl.
  • 1998     Olympic Games in Nagano, Olympic Winter Games Nagano, in collaboration with the Norwegian Olympic Committee and photographer Anders Hëggström.
  • 1997     Chateau neuf, Oslo, Zap Zombie, Oslo Dance Ensemble, ballet, choreographer Kjersti Alveberg. Later tour with the National Theater.
  • 1996     The Bergen Festival, Virtual Winter, ballet, dance design, choreography Anne Grethe Eriksen and Leif Hernes (later shown on NRK, TV)
  • 1995     Black Box, Aker Brygge, Oslo, Kommer Torden and Rødt Lys, ballet, choreography Anne Grethe and Leif Hernes.
  • 1991     Donna Diva Darling, designer Elinoor Floor. Book. The Norwegian intercourse.
  • 1989     American Photographer. Cover + coverstory. NYC. Fotograf Douglas Hopkins. Illustration and Costume drawing


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