Gökhan Deniz


Born in 1974 in Istanbul, Turkey,  Deniz graduated from the Painting Department, Atatürk Faculty of Education Fine Arts at Marmara University. He is concerned with human interrelations by working on notions of fear, anxiety and guilt, and is active in civil society activities related to human rights violations and children at risk. In 2003 the artist was awarded the TOYP prize of “Turkey’s 10 Successful Young People” contest in the category of “Contribution to Human Rights, Children and World Peace”. Aside from his artistic career, Deniz continues to manage art workshops in closed institutions such as prisons and psychiatric institutions.

Selected Events

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2012 Which one is more real?, Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Metamorphosis, Adahan Hotel, İstanbul, Turkey

2018 Immortality, Adahan Hotel, İstanbul, Turkey

2017 Cabinet of Curiosity, Scope New York – Miami Art Show, USA

2017 Istanbul Codex : Contemporary Artists From Turkey, İmago Mundi,

Palermo, Italy

2016 Somethin’ Just Happened,  Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2015 Stay with me, GEZİ Park, Werseburg Museum, Bremen, Germany, Belvedere

Museum, Vienna, Austria

2014 Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea, ARA Art Square, Seoul,

South Korea

2010 Art-Attack, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery,

Shanghai, China

2010 Evil Men and Witnesses, Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery, Istanbul, TR


Selected Awards

2003 TOYP prize,  “Turkey’s 10 Successful Young People” contest, “Contribution

to Human Rights, Children and World Peace” category


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