Hossein Ali Zabehi


Hosseinali Zabehi 1945 Tehran.
His B.A in painting was received from The University of Tehran . “The College of Decorative Arts ” in 1968.

Subsequently, In 1971, he attended ” professor Pierre Matthew ” painting course at The Beaux-arts faculty in Paris and he received his Master’s Degree in painting in 1975. Then he came back to his homeland, Iran and trained students from an art-school and a college for five years. he resigned due to lack of motivation and started painting and showed passion for theology.Later, he went back to the University as a position of teaching was offered by the art faculty of Azad University and Art University. So, he has been teaching painting and training students since then.

What arises from the heart , of necessity, will sit well, to the heart. applies perfectly to The masterpieces of Hosseinali Zabehi and what attracts the audience is “The honesty of the work”.
In his three variant art’s work, you see the faces of the poor or happy human, showing, sadness or pleasure and their solitude belonging the thoughtful person. On the other hand, scenery which shows terrifying storms of this time and symbolic still life’s including split units distant from each other by the existing pressure.
In these works, the brush mixes wonderful colors professionally showing the artist’s constant and endless triumph living with it in every moment of his life and refreshed with its Jesus breath moment by moment.

Mahshid Gerami


Characters of Zabehi’s paintings are mental. He painted them in his mind. This kind of conceptual and mental paintings of characters and figures brings to mind the question of whether his melancholic paintings are mental. A profound and sarcastic satire lives in his paintings. This satire convinces the audience that these images emanate from the society or they are part of painter’s mind, comingfrom his imaginations and memories! His paintings are imaginary rather than dreamy. His sarcastic satire, imagination and mental and naïve paintings reminds me of simple paintings of street people. Zabehi’s painting method is special, while his paintings are similar to the paintings of ordinary people. Lonely characters in the middle of a frame, uncompleted figures, expressionist and emotional coloring, and highlighted while vague stories are all images we have seen a lot in other people paintings, people who are not attempting to create something but to paint! His terrifying paintings must come out of somewhere in this life, whether they are memories or imaginations, whether they are terrifying or libelous! His figures and portraits are drawn in a way that you will assume that they want to be perceived significant and large, while they are naïve and flustered.
Maybe life is just this, a portrait in a frame, whether sad or mysterious, whether happy or senseless, whatever it is, Zabehi is a painter who illustrates his personal life and objective experiences in mental portraits. He reflects his unique aesthetic characteristics instead of representing a technical and accepted way of painting, which may seem ugly from others’ perspectives. This fact is aligned with the simplicity and nobility of his naïve characters, making them believable.

Amir Soghrati
Tandis Magazine – May 18, 2010 – No. 174


Selected Events

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2018 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2017 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2016 Iranshahr Gallery, Tehran (Review of his artworks)

2016 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2015 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2014 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2013 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2012 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2011 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2010 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2009 Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran

2007 Baran Art Gallery, Tehran

2005 Haft samara Gallery, Tehran (Review of his artworks)

2001 Barg Gallery, Tehran

1999 Barg Gallery, Tehran

1996 Barg Gallery, Tehran

1995 Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran (Review of his work)

1992 Khaneye aftab, Tehran

1988 Khaneye aftab, Tehran

1987 Khaneye aftab, Tehran

1986 Private show, Tehran

1977 Solanj Gallery, Paris

1975 Transposition Gallery, Paris


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