Lucia Schettino


Lucia Schettino is an Italian artist, born in 1988.


Since graduating in Graphic Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Lucia Schettino has always been committed to careful research in the field of abstract design and surreal figures. In order to meet the urgent need for an artistic experimentation, she continues to achieve a more complete understanding of the “self”. The artistic research of Lucia Schettino reveals a clear connection to Informal Art, re-interpreted through a present-day point of view. Her work is not concerned with the often-debated question of the opposition between a figurative/abstract representation; she does not seem to be interested in making her signs understandable, which sometimes refer to the human figure, others to the nature or landscape. Each one of the objects she employs to build her work is either an ex-novo object, or rather an extract, a fragment of a picture or a text, cut out of books, newspapers, photographs, or even from her previous engravings and works. At times this creative process causes the collage to exceed the margins of the canvas’ frame, that is the canonic space of art. In doing so, Schettino denies such closed and predefined nature traditionally designated to artistic expression, giving new vitality to the structure of the work.

Selected Events
  • 2019     “Sign, Drawing, Gesture” – Centro Polivalente, Marigliano, Italy.
  • 2018     “Leonardiana / the Thought of Painting” – Salerno, Italy.
  • 2017     “Nobody In Show” – Saaci Gallery, Saviano, Italy.
  • 2017     “MATRONEI” – The Royal Palace of Caserta, Caserta, Italy.
  • 2017     “TRASCORRENZE” – Massa Marittima, Italy.
  • 2016     “NEUTRAL_ISM” – Mediolanum Museum, Milan,  Italy
  • 2016     “Appointment in the Garden with the Artists at MANN” – Naples National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy.
  • 2016     “FINISTERRAE/OE” – Castello dell’Abate Collective, Salerno, Italy.
  • 2016     “OBSERVERS / Open Movement” – NA.
  • 2016      “Pompeians Dialogues / Sense Art / Language Creative” – Pompei, Italy.
  • 2015      “Tutt’ Azimvt” – Ovo Castle, Naples, Italy.
  • 2014     “TICK Collective” – Church of Saint Augustine ‘alla Zecca’, Naples, Italy.
  • 2014     “Performative Collaboration with Costabile Guariglia / SEDUCENTI IMMAGINI” – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples, Italy.
  • 2013     “X-rays / Mettiamoci Una Pietra Su / Faito Doc Festival 6th Edition” – Reggia di Quisisana, Naples, Italy.
  • 2013     “TEN TO TEN / 10 Ingredients for Ten Artists”- The Taste Room, Naples, Italy.
  • 2012     “Portraits to MANN” – National Archeologic Nuseum of Naples, Naples, Italy.


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