Reza Razm


1980 MasjedSoleyman, Iran
Bachelor of art in costume and scene design from Tehran university Master of art in theater directing from Tarbiat Modarres university

The figures with surpassed classic ratios and seemingly incorrect perspectives that give them unique expressionism. The figures are sometimes trapped between lines and sometimes turn into lines. Colors find independent existence and then get mixed. Perhaps the mission of creation has accomplished and we have become aware that humans with all their makings and the duties they bear should manifest as a metamorphosed creature to detach from modern life and return to its originality. These paintings attempt to picture what the greats like Camus, Kafka, Beckett and Celine have formed in literature:

Creatures, in whose lives concepts like freedom, perfection, spirituality, beauty, philosophy, identity, instinct and finally life are nothing but words, and stay mute and absurd.


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