Sepideh Ahmadi Monfared


2019 Art University of Tehran – B.A, Painting
2014 Motahhari School of Arts – Pre-University Diploma, Graphic Design

During my education I have done so many artworks and I have joined lots of galleries for group exhibitions and I also was nominated for Iranian festivals of arts such as Jokal, Isfahan Expo, veterinary university of tehrans festival, sharif university of technology, Damonfar festival and …
I taught myself how to make canvases and paintcolors with different materials(especially acrylics and oilcolor)I always knew that I have a great passion for art. painting is not just about colors and canvases . It actually became a therapy for me because after my father’s death I felt so lonely and I wanted something to heal . finally I found myself really strong about all these stories by painting and lots of self thinking . I got more and more serious in making art and reading so many books in psychotherapy field and the result was more than 50 art products.
I am not going to say im creating because im not Michelangelo, I just can produce as an artlover…. . I found out painting is like a medicine and it heals so my goal is to be an art therapist and show it to others that art is magical ,powerful and I want to pass this happiness and joy of life to others and make them happy

Selected Events

2018 Identity ( Carbafoo Art Project ) — Abad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Identity ( Carbafoo Art Project ) — Honar Gallery, Sari, Iran
2018 Identity ( Carbafoo Art Project ) — Hoomehr Gallery, Kerman, Iran
2018 Identity ( Carbafoo Art Project ) — Artin Gallery, Mashhad, Iran
2018 Silence ( Blue Rhino Art Project ) — Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 Art gallery of Niavaran museum, Tehran, Iran

2018 Pattern of Art — Shelman Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018 Art Genova ( Blue rhino Art project ) — Italy
2018 Sanctum of Imagination — Sheis Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Unfinished Lines 2 ( Blue rhino art projects ) — Zogut, Tirane, Albania

2017 Unfinished Lines ( Blue rhino art projects ) — Fier, Albania
2017 Contemporary Artists exhibition —Ayrik Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 Iranian Watercolor Society exhibition — Andisheh Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran


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