FOKUS Award 2019 / Not in the Spectacle

11 October 2019 - 25 October 2019

At Art Gallery Fier

FOKUS Award 2019 / Not in the Spectacle


Gallery of Arts, Fier / October 11, 2019 

“Photography is not difficult – As long as You have something to say ” (Mario Giacomelli). Based on this concept that Fokus comes to its 10th edition. With this spirit, it continuously invites artists and public every October in the city of Fier. Over the years, Fokus has been the showcase of the power, complexity and fragility of photography, but the moment has come to change the course towards new imaginary horizons. With the fundamentals of a genuine festival, Fokus Award 2019 naturally stimulates debate, inspires and enhances the community around it, still with the intent to create an influx of thoughts about authenticity and courage in photography.

“Photography acquires something of the dignity which it ordinarily lacks when it ceases to be a reproduction of reality and shows us things that no longer exist,” Marcel Proust said once. True or not, today we need more than ever to investigate and report this dubious relationship between photography and reality. With the theme “Not in the Spectacle”, this exhibition seeks to fight the creative myopia fuelled by the overwhelming cultural homologation, in the still waters photography floats, specially the Albanian photography. This is also due to an accelerating process of mass media power and the submission of photographers to the rules of the game, now largely imposed by globalization in the act of our society. Through this competition, we want photographers to emerge from themselves or otherwise, to immerse themselves deeply in it. In order to seek traces of antibodies that are necessary for the survival of culture in an apocalyptic scenario, when ironically the independence of thought and action seem to have been inherited only by artificial intelligence.

During this contest, photographers will dedicate their time to investigate and look for authenticity, where it still exists. Bringing us the irrefutable proof of the original, a copy of which has now become an image of industry or power by producing the illusion of the “Evolved Society in Spectacle” (Guy Debord). An exhibition not just for the sake of being “Not Global” but an act against a spiritual colonization that requires stepping away from identity roots and losing intellectual autonomy, turning us into passive spectators of lost values. Thus, seen visibly more than anywhere else in photography, also due to its decisive role and impact in such transformation processes. It is up to the photographer to master all the tools of visual sociology, researching within the consumer society and deep into everyday life, with the power of image and imagination.

Looking at the results, we are confident that this exhibition will succeed in narrating a story to the public. Moving forth we strongly believe that this redirection of the Focus Award is now distinct, and we are very pleased the photographers have accepted this new challenge. Fokus has been the showcase of the power, complexity and fragility of photography, but the moment has come to change the course towards new imaginary horizons.

Catalog FOKUS

Organizer:                    Qendra Albania Fokus

                                        Galeria e Arteve

                                        Shoqata Antik

Curator:                        Elton Koritari – Albania

                                        Burim Myftiu – Kosovo

                                        Osman Demiri – North Macedonia

Jury:                               Denada Veizaj – Albania

                                        Menduh Nushi – Kosovo

                                        Albes Fusha – Albania

Art Director:                 Arben Alliaj

Galery Director:           Pandeli Lena

Manager:                       Saimir Ahmeti

Collaborators:              Tima Jam

                                        Elenica Paloli

                                         Yuliia Belska

Translator:                    Lina Sami Ogaily

Design:                           Fatjona Nexhipi



Selected Artists

  • Ramadan Abdiji – North Macedonia
  • Boro Arsovski – North Macedonia
  • Raissa Axmann – Germany
  • Ergys Baki – Albania
  • Adnan Beci – Albania
  • Yuliia Belska – Ukraina
  • Roland Beqiraj – Albania
  • Ervin Berxolli – Albania
  • Vasil Cesari – France
  • Serkan Çolak – Turkey
  • Fisnik Dobreci – Montenegro
  • Ardian Fezollari – Albania
  • Fatbardha Goga – Kosovo
  • Bledar Hasimi – Albania
  • Majid Hojati – Iran
  • Arton Humolli – Kosovo
  • Rromir Imami – North
  • Macedonia Raj Kamal – India
  • Stepan Kucheriavy – Ukraina
  • Arben Llapashtica – Kosovo
  • Jeff McConnell – USA
  • Reza Mozafari Manesh – Iran
  • Orjeta Myzeqari – Albania
  • Behzad Nasiri – Iran
  • Mustafa Nodeh – Iran
  • Diana Pankova – Belarus
  • Hazir Reka – Kosovo
  • Shkelzen Rexha – Kosovo
  • Aita Shakiba – Iran
  • Naim Shala – Kosovo
  • Niloufar Sharifi – Netherlands
  • Rozafa Shpuza – Albania
  • Hakan Sorar – Turkey
  • Igor Stepanitch – Rusia
  • Serkan Turac – Turkey
  • Samir Zahirovic – B & Herzegovina




They have selected and evaluated by the Artistic Board. The International Jury, announced the winner of “Not in the Spectacle”. Print, exhibitions and the “Focus 2019” catalogue will be taken over by the organizers. Participating photos enjoy full copyright. Organizers reserve the right to use photographs to promote festival activities and expose anywhere but have not the right to alienate, sell or use them outside of the festival context.




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