FOKUS Award 2020 / Isolation

18 September 2020 - 30 September 2020

At Albania

FOKUS Award 2020 / Isolation

Art Gallery “Vilson Kilica”, Fier / September 18, 2020

Robert Frank insisted that the photograph should contain something important within it, which he defined as the human of the moment. Isolation, the theme of the 11th edition of the Fokus Award Photography Festival, invites you to something you shouldn’t and do not want to avoid at all, precisely for the reason because it contains within the human of the moment.

ISO is the standard for measuring the sensitivity of the camera, which the photographer is used to controlling and deciphering in his favor, while forced isolation, as a condition within the confines of a clinical pathology, is not an acceptable standard of living, has never been, and will never be as such. No wonder escaping a prison regime is an immediate human reflex and in this prism we must not necessarily feel like Alexander Dumas to continue to show humanity the drama of this unique situation in history and that we all wish it would never happen again.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that photography has contributed to humanity coping with physical and social isolation, even thanks to the images of photographers’ archives which constantly reminded them of the life that flowed out of the walls like an unstoppable river and almost separated by the suspension of the moment.

It is a time of deep reflections for artists, because the role of art is that of sensitivity and expression. Through these two diametrically opposed standards, photographers can show with all sensitivity, in isolation, what is their role in such a situation, between form, ethics and aesthetics, in relation to the past, present and the future.

The ability to renew, to always take a step forward in society and to accompany it by giving it a vision and a hope even when everything seems to be heading towards disaster, is another vector that pushes the photographer to continue to show that the sensitivity of his camera’s sensor is all in function of his human and artistic sensitivity.

So, to say it better: – “Photography gives you the opportunity to use your sensibility and everything you are to say something about and be part of the world around you. In this way, you might discover who you are, and with a little luck, you might discover something much larger than yourself.” – Peter Lindbergh.

Fokus catalogue

Organizer:                    Qendra Albania Fokus

                                        Galeria e Arteve

                                        Shoqata Antik

Curator:                        Elton Koritari – Albania

                                        Burim Myftiu – Kosovo

                                        Osman Demiri – North Macedonia

Jury:                               Prof. Rudolf Schafer – Germany

Denada Veizaj – Albania

                                        Albes Fusha – Albania

Art Director:                 Arben Alliaj

Galery Director:           Elenica Paloli

Manager:                       Saimir Ahmeti

Collaborators:              Tima Jam

                                        Yuliia Belska

Translator:                    Lina Sami Ogaily

Design:                           Fatjona Nexhip

Selected Artists

  • Emad Abass – England
  • Richard Arbas – USA
  • Boro Arsovski – North Macedonia
  • Ernest Baba – Albania
  • Ergys Baki – Albania
  • Eris Baki – Albania
  • Goran Boricic – Montenegro
  • Edvin Çelo – Albania
  • Igor Coko – Serbia
  • Spencer Cunningham USA
  • Vigan Demiri – North Macedonia
  • Mariposa Fa – Switzerland
  • Eno Gaçe – Albania
  • Ileana Gega – Germany
  • Eduart Gjino – Albania
  • Bardha Goga – Kosovo
  • Armand Habazaj – Albania
  • Ahmed Hadrovic – Turkey
  • Besnik Hamiti – Kosovo
  • Majid Hojati – Iran
  • Eliza Hoxha – Kosovo
  • Milan Hristev – Bulgaria
  • Ognjen Karabegovic – Croatia
  • Uran Krasniqi – Kosovo
  • Stepan Kucheriavy – Ukraine
  • Niksa Lalin – Croatia
  • Hasti Mahdavi – Iran
  • Max De Martino – Italy
  • Ksenja Maxhari – Albania
  • Mariola Moçka – Albania
  • Agon Nimani – Kosovo
  • Olsi Qazimi – Albania
  • Vasil Qesari – France
  • Camelia Rajabi – Iran
  • Hazir Reka – Kosovo
  • Shkelzen Rexha – Kosovo
  • Ilir Riza – Usa
  • Inda Sela – Albania
  • Igor Stepanitch – Russia
  • Gent Shkullaku – Albania
  • Elvin Shahu – Albania
  • Rozafa Shpuza – Albania
  • Kushtrim Ternava – Kosovo
  • Jetmir Troshani – Albania
  • Enea Verija – Albania
  • Gabriele Zani – Italy


They have selected and evaluated by the Artistic Board. The International Jury, announced the winner of “Not in the Spectacle”. Print, exhibitions and the “Focus 2019” catalogue will be taken over by the organizers. Participating photos enjoy full copyright. Organizers reserve the right to use photographs to promote festival activities and expose anywhere but have not the right to alienate, sell or use them outside of the festival context.



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