Tima Jam

Art Director

Time Jam is an international art expert and gallerist with a background in Contemporary Art and Art Business. She is dedicated to growing and improving the contemporary art scene in the Middle East. In 2016, she founded Blue Rhino Art, which has expanded to cover both Turkey and the UK and provide a unique art experience globally.




Well-aware of the difficulties faced by artists, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds and minority ethnic groups in the art world, Tima established Blue Rhino with the intention of providing homegrown artistic talent with a sense of belonging and inclusion as they navigate their career on an international level. Blue Rhino Art Hub is a platform to foster a global community that celebrates diversity and provides emerging talents with the support they need

Tima is currently based in London, however, she continues to believe that good art exists wherever you can find it, and remains devoted to her aim of discovering and representing both emerging and established global artists, at the heart of which is her own love and passion for the arts.



  • 2023     Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s institute of art, London
  • 2023     Art Business, Sotheby’s institute of art,  London
  • 2023     Art Curation, Sotheby’s institute of art, London
  • 2014      Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies, University of Maryland
  • 2013      MBA. Business administration. Art Management, Limkokwing University, Malaysia
  • 2009     BA.Painting, Payame Noor University, Iran
  • 2008     BSc. Computer Science Engineering, Payame Noor University, Iran


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