Kiyomars Kiasat


Kiyomars Kiasat is an Iranian artist, born in 1948.

Represented by Sareban Gallery

Kiyomars Kiasat began working in intellectual media of the time such as Ferdowsi, Negin and Ketab-e Jome as a drawer and cartoonist since 1973. Kiasat has constantly continued painting and drawing ever since.

Inevitably influenced by the superfluous images appeared on social media and the consumption of information, Chara Kontopoulou creates abstract paintings on large scale canvases, aiming to interact with the viewer and turn his passive vision into an exploring tool of experience.

As the paintings are consisted by alternate layers of resin and countless painting strokes, the overall artwork creates the illusion of a 3D painting. Due to the nature of the medium, the outcome is a shiny and reflective surface, the aim of which is to mirror the viewer and make him part of the artwork.

As an emerging artist, Chara participated in group exhibitions in United Kingdom, Greece and Cyprus. She also volunteers in museums and charities and organizes creative workshops with the purpose to engage people with arts. She currently lives and works in Manchester, UK.

Selected Events

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2016      Sareban gallery
  • 2015      Iranian Artists’ Forum
  • 1989      Sheikh gallery 2015
  • 1980      Talar-e Naqsh
  • 1977       Talar-e Naqsh
  • 1976       Takht-e Jamshid gallery
  • 1974       Osouli gallery


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2016      Tehran Auction, Tehran, Iran.
  • 2011      Art Fair, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Holding 7 duo and trio exhibitions at Osouli, Seyhoun, Africa-Asia Institute (Vienna) and Sareban
  • Participating in more than 30 drawing and painting group exhibitions since 1973 in various galleries such as Bayan, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Roudaki, Yasami, Shokri, Sareban, Sarv, Academy of Arts, Barg, Behzad, Sorkhab, Maani, Mehrshah and Tabriz Mirak gallery
  • Participating in more than 50 group exhibitions of caricature in Turkey, Yugoslavia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Iran



He has received 8 awards and certificates of appreciation from high-rank exhibitions in the field of caricature such as Okhotsk in Japan, Tonjong in South Korea, Nasr-al-din exhibition in Huja, Turkey and etc.


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