Mahsa Karimi


She was born in 1981, lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

She is one of the professional artists “painter and illustrator”.

She has mainly focused on social issues with a touch of personal experience and there is always an ironic view of these situations. It is obvious that,” daily life” is a great source of inspiration for her. She says her first hand experiences and cultural matters play a key role in her paintings.

Karimi has become well known for her ironic artworks and she always brings opposite situation into a single scene.

She started studying Art at Azadegan art school and in addition she continued Graphic design at Valiasr art university of Tehran. After a few years she went for higher education at an Australian college named “TAFE”.

She started working as a real skillful illustrator from 2005 to 2010 but since then she strongly tends to become a unique painter with her personal Style of painting.

During the years of 2010 to 2011 she had several painting group exhibitions but in the 

Year of 2012 she had her first solo exhibition with her famous series:

 “Afternoon Tea Will Be Provided” which was presented in “Azad Art Gallery”.

The interesting point of this exhibition is she sold them out in her first attempt!

In 2013 she had her second solo exhibition again with “Azad Art Gallery”.

This series of her artworks had a complete personal concept which was all about her fears and that is why she named this project “PHOBIA”.

“Retail and Wholesale of Your Family Photos” was the name of her third solo exhibition. She presented them in “Azad Art Gallery “in 2015. Again she focused on family matters and their relationship. then Mahsa focused on her next collection and finally in 2016 she had her fourth solo exhibition which was presented in Mehrva Art Gallery.the title of this exhibition refers to the hardships and difficulties thet were imposed upon the people including herself.

Her next solo show in 2017 was very successful and it drew a crowd of nearly 300 people to the gallery on the opening evening. The exhibition was hosted by Dastan Art Gallery “Electric Room” and the title of the exhibition was “Their Chronic Conditions”. The exhibition consisted of drawing, painting and an installation by the artist. Again her solo show was welcomed by the audience of her artworks.

KARIMI has shown her works nationally and internationally with great success.


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