Hybrid Bed

Hakan Sorar

Ship in a tube

This artwork is unique and signed by Hakan Sorar

Artwork Description

  • Hybrid Bed
  • 2020
  • Digital Animation ( https://youtu.be/6596fLhJsnQ )
  • 5 editions, 1000 € per video
  • Created by a Turkish artist
  • Digital transfer


About body, object, power, skin and abject …

The “Hybrid” series, in which the line between body and object becomes ambiguous, questions the body that is controlled, shaped and objectified by various power mechanisms. In the Hybrid series, the artist uses skin / hair textures and images, which he regards as abjecti / residue of his own body, to cover objects with which the skin is in contact. While objectifying the body, it reveals obvious hybrid formations and creates alternative spaces.

These spaces are transformed into more defined spaces with the disturbing potentials of objects. The logic that accompanies the hybrid combination of body and object questions the incarnation of objects with repetitive skin patterns. Leather and hairs are sprouting in industrial materials. In some parts of the series, in addition to bodies, other objects that repeat themselves create uncanny areas. This haunted environment invites our logic to ask questions about body, form, politics and gender.




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