Artist Consultation

With over twenty years of experience in the global art market, we are perfectly positioned and qualified to help you promote, present, and sell your artworks. Using our expertise and professional network, we will work closely with you during our artist consultation sessions.

This includes:

  • Identifying the correct market for your work
  • Helping you develop your identity as an artist
  • Getting your work seen by our clients


We have a dedicated, hands-on and above all, personal approach when it comes to artist consultation. Whether you are an emerging or more established artist, we understand the challenges of the art market. Not least in these unprecedented times. Regardless of talent and work ethic, we understand the difficulties that artists often face when trying to identify and reach out to the right market or buyer.


By using our extensive network of art world professionals to match you with the right clients, our expertise bridges the gap for you. We are here to aid your professional development and promotion by breaking you into a new market and advancing your career as an artist. Above all, with the commercial aspects of your development in our expert hands, you will be free to focus on what you do best – creating new art.



Part of our artist consultation services is tailoring an advertising plan suitable for your career growth. From full public relations campaigns to tailored consultation packages, we collaborate with you to give you the best marketing services you need at a reasonable price. Depending on the package or program you choose, we will work with you in creating your story, personal brand, writing press releases, and developing a local and national PR strategy. 


Our artist consultation services include:

  • Building a professional artist portfolio
  • Advisory services
  • International opportunities
  • Promotion, support & art sales
  • Residencies and symposiums
  • Exhibitions and art fairs
  • Annual international competitions
  • Artist book publications
  • Public Relations strategies


We will work tirelessly to connect you to our clients and transform their spaces with your work. Feel free to talk to us about how we can help you develop your career via our global network. Follow us on social media to keep track of our regular educational projects, symposiums, workshops, and art tours. We believe in inspiring and supporting artists from all around the world. No matter your style, medium, or experience, we are here to help.


Drop us an email to book an online consultation today at, or give us a call on +447388061078.



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