Elif Celebi


Elif Celebi was born in 1994 in Eskişehir, Turkey. Currently, she is a senior student at Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking.


  • Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking

Artist’s Statement

While creating my works, I concentrate on concepts that complement each other, such as ’emptiness and motion, human and society’. In general, I associate it with the concept of ’emptiness’. This can sometimes turn into a spatial emptiness or sometimes an emotional emptiness. As a space, I prefer non-existent, completely imagination-based fictional spaces that I create with an ink stain.

The collage has always been different for me. Hundreds and maybe thousands of images pass by our eyes every day. So we should always be selective. In our daily lives or in the production processes of artists, certain visuals attract our attention and take place in our minds.. In my series works, which consist of many small-sized works, in the same way, it constitutes my selection from the visuals attached to my mind. Although they touch on many issues separately, when they come together, they describe life, society, people, nature, just like us.

Selected Events


  • 2020     Istanbul Rotary Art Competition
  • 2019      Plato Art, 2. ROTA Art Competition
  • 2019      Trakya University II. International Printmaking Competition
  • 2018      Trakya University I. International Printmaking Competition


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