Olamide Ogunade Olisco


Olamide Ogunade Olisco is a Nigerian visual artist. He was born in the Ogun State but lives in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about art and has been involved in the arts since a young age. Apart from painting, Olamide enjoys acting, dancing, and drumming. His works often reflect elements of these activities. Olamide has exhibited in several group exhibitions in Lagos and Ogun state. His works were also displayed among other artists in Luxembourg at the “Afrika First Exhibition”. And his works were also among the exhibits at the “Stop, Listen” group exhibition organised by CFHILL gallery, Sweden. Olamide’s works now reside in many parts of the world. Including Burkina Faso, Austria, USA, Germany, France and Sweden. Olamide Ogunade Olisco attended a month-long residency in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 upon accepting an invitation. After winning the Techno Art Challenge in 2020, Olamide and his art have been able to gain traction on multiple media platforms.



  • 2018 – Present     ND, General Art, Yaba College Of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 2017     SSCE, Select International College, lagos, Nigeria


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Polychromatic“, group exhibition with Daniel Raphael Gallery

Olamide’s interest in the arts began at the age of six. He realised he can draw using any material. This experiment with materials continued throughout Olamide’s life. Soon, the artist decided to improve his creative skills by rigorous research and practice. Despite having began his artistic career without primary knowledge in the arts, Olamide succeeded as an artist with flying colours. Between 2018-2019, Olamide was finally admitted to study Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology.


Olamide’s practice is personal and social at the same time. The artist gets inspiration from his surroundings. He records the happenings in his society as he experiences them. Olamide’s creative process is spontaneous. And the artist will take up any media to record and express his inspiration as they come to him. Olamide doesn’t limit himself to a single medium. Frequently, the artist employs pencil, pen, oil paint, charcoal, or acrylic paint in his creations. The medium used at any given moment largely depend on the inspiration and moment in time. The photographic quality of Olamide’s figures prove to be time-consuming. The artist admits that such an art practice requires patience and persistence in order to complete the task.


Olamide’s art aims to empower black identities. The figures in his work are figures he observes in his life. The artist establishes with these powerful figures a statement for social change. His artworks represents the strength and resilience of black identities in the contemporary and throughout history.

Selected Events


  • 2021     40Under40 , What IF the world  x krone, WhatIFtheworld at gallery, Cape Town
  • 2021     Investec Cape Town Art fair, Christopher Moller Art Gallery
  • 2021     Armory Art show, Breeder Art gallery
  • 2021     Frieze Art fair, Los Angeles , Breeder Art gallery
  • 2021     A tale of shared experiences, Artpedia Gallery, Curated by Fave Rita
  • 2021     Polychromatic, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, Curated by Tima Jam
  • 2021     Stop, Listen Group Exhibition CFHILLs Gallery by Micheal Elmenbeck, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2020     Breath of hope Africa by Adebimpe Adebambo, Virtual Exhibition
  • 2018     Afrika First Exhibition, Valerius Art gallery, Luxembourg
  • 2018     This is Kuta Exhibition, Nest by Kuta, Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria
  • 2017     Art Varsity Awakening, Funaab Art beat, Ogun state, Nigeria
  • 2017     PGM live art exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 2016     Bella A beau art exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria



  • 2020       Winner Tecno Art Challenge


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