Don’t Bite Me!

15 September 2019 - 25 September 2019

At Naples, ITALY

Don’t Bite Me!

Don’t Bite Me!
International Art Symposium
Naples, Italy
September 15-25, 2019



In 2014, a mysterious wave of research began circulating among international scholars proposing that the remains of Vlad the Impaler, better known as Count Dracula, are intact in the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria La Nova in Naples, birthplace of pizza and sfogliatelle, a traditional pastry.

Naples is known for tempting a bite and for the countless painters who have graced its seaside, many of whose works are held in the world’s finest art museums such as in Capodimonte, a hall of galleries on the hilltop overlooking the city where the peerless, homegrown art of Caravaggio is displayed.

The Neapolitan style is enigmatic for its creative legacy. Its streets compel locals and travelers alike to clamp down on the substance of life, to taste sights that have captivated some of the greatest minds in history. In 1875, Bram Stoker lived in Naples across from Mount Vesuvius, noting its ancient volcanism before writing his 1897 Gothic novel, Dracula.

Dracula typecast human fangs. His open jaw, long ears and black robe draws out the demonic, unearthly and macabre spirit in everyone. That his story is immortalized in popular culture points to his place in the collective subconscious, somewhere around its darkest edge.

To bite into another for its lifeblood is to survive. Vampires cannibalize the object of their desire. As the Anthropocene era of climate change threatens human survival, every bite is a morality tale, posing questions of existence. Every act of consumption, to buy materials and travel for example, is like biting into the flesh of others, and ultimately into oneself.

Behind the smoke and mirrors of Dracula’s mythology in art and literature, over five centuries of rumor and infamy have led to the sepulchers and piazzas of historic Naples. Above its catacombs where the city resisted blood-sucking invaders, medieval alleys are filled with the tomato-stained aromas and offer ample opportunity for artists to sink their teeth into its palette and bite. There is only one thing left to express in such a tantalizing environment: “Don’t Bite Me”.

About the Symposium:

The Symposium aims to host meaningful conversations on art and culture, and share a message of friendship and solidarity in the art world. Participants in the residency will be able to enjoy the historical sites and vistas of Naples.

The program includes art tours to introduce the buzzing local scene. Artists at the forefront of the local contemporary art scene will open their studios and take part in events to exchange ideas. The Symposium is hosted by Dante, an all-inclusive hotel in downtown Naples.


“Don’t Bite Me” will provide ample time and space for international artists to collaborate, network and broaden their horizons in a city famous for nourishing body and soul of its artists. In the footsteps of Caravaggio, contemporary artists will have a chance to find “mercy”, or a break from whatever bounties might be chasing them down in the Rome of modernity, that being the global cultural capitals of the world. Naples offers a unique mix of rural and urban cultural fusions. It is apparent in the food, in the music and in the artwork, as a bustling Italian city with a special heritage of conflict resistance and liberated creativity.


Blue Rhino is distinct for its work in Istanbul, merging Iranian artists together with Turkish artists by curating multidisciplinary shows in uniquely historic venues. Blue Rhino recently hosted a series in the underground cellar of a historic building called Adahan which is celebrated for its neighboring Italianate history. “Don’t Bite Me” will introduce fresh perspectives and social vitality that is not only new but unafraid to sink its teeth into the local milieu. The symposium’s activities and final exhibition be an asset for local institutions, including the prestigious The Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli and local galleries like Dafna, Andrea Nuovo and Nea.


The Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli

Via Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, 107

80138 Napoli, NA Italy

+39 081 441887


September 15-25.


All applications to produce new media and contemporary art will be accepted.


Blue Rhino covers art equipment, accommodation, food, and provides a city tour as well as visits to local artists.


Each artist will offer 2-3 artworks to remain in the Blue Rhino collection which promotes artist to gain a greater international profile.

How to apply:

Please send us a completed application form along with a short biography (no more than 200 words) and your portfolio. All documents must be PDF or Word files and sent by email to

If you do not receive an email confirmation of receipt, contact us through Whatsapp +905368832110 . Results will be released 2 days after application deadline.




Ahoo Hamedi

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Wael Darwish


Zahra Mohamadi

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Damla Yalçın

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Özge Enginöz

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Kerim Kılıçarslan

Multi-Disciplinary Artist


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